Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Josh and Laura's Wedding - Owen Chapel, Brentwood, TN

Laura and I have gone to the same church for years and have grown up together, so it was SO neat to be a part of her wedding day! I have shot at their ceremony location, Owen Chapel, multiple times. They allow each couple who gets married there to have the whole week before to decorate and set up for their big day, so it has a special feel for each couple that marries there! I absolutely LOVED their cake- it was gorgeous! Congrats Josh and Laura! Hope you are enjoying married life! :)


  1. i am considering getting married at owens chapel. where did they have their reception? gorgeous pictures by the way!

  2. The reception was at the Martin Center, near the Brentwood Rec Center about two miles away. You'd love it! Feel free to call me if you need more info :)